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Preparing individual for new responsibilities is an important, exciting and difficult challenge. For an individual a career means far more than a particular job, a means of making a living although this is also largely right. A career can mean many things to many people, for some it could be financial advantages, status, social standing, and for others life satisfaction, sense of accomplishment, leading a life with meaning and purpose, professional recognition and may be for others all of it. Having a job is one thing, having a career is something quite different. A career can give a sense of accomplishment. It means opportunity, challenge, psychological rewards and a better life style.

A career can be defined as a sequence of positions, roles or jobs held by one person over a relatively long time span usually ten or more years. It can also be defined as a sequence of separate but related or connected work/life activities that provides continuity, order and meaning in person's life.

Career is not confined to one organization. It could cut across organizations and roles each interrelated with one another. A career represents an organized path taken by an individual across time and space with a horizon. It is planned for some, for others it could just happen on account of circumstances, situation current location and so on. Career happens for those who wish to make it happen.


Is a HRD function developed partly as a result of the desire of many employees to grow in their jobs and to advance in their career. Career planning included assessing individual employees potential for growth and advancement in the organisation and planning for job experiences and other development opportunities to enable employee to learn and contribute that in turn supports the advancement. The HRD...