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Militarism: Militarism is the Glorification of Armed Strength. During the war, Germany was the most powerful in using this kind of Government. Their army was the largest which made most of their battles extremely effective for them.

Ultimatum: An ultimatum is a final demand; basically saying that if demands are not met all negotiations will stop and a war would break out. Austria-Hungary sent one to Serbia, saying that all anti-Austrian activities should stop, and Serbian governments had to allow Austrian officials into Serbia to investigate all crimes. Serbia met and then broke their requests. War broke out between Austria and Serbia. Ultimatums were very effective for those who wrote them.

Mobilize: To mobilize is to position an army for war. Russia mobilized its army for war with Germany. Mobilizing helps strategize a war but if not done right or on time, there can be many problems for the country.

Rationing: Rationing is a system of government that limits the amount of goods that a person can buy during the war. Only the necessities were massively produced and sold, those precious things were only allowed to a few. This system was effective because not as many products were sold and most money could be given to pay for the war.

Propaganda: Propaganda is one-sided information designed to convince people of a certain point of view. Governments basically used books, magazines, and other typed of literature, to show hatred toward opposing countries. And so that the citizens will also want war. This was extremely effective because it stopped riots within the country.

Armistice: An armistice is an agreement to stop fighting. On November 11th 1917, an armistice was signed by a representative of Germany and Marshal Foch, they agreed to end the war. Two days later the war ended. This...