Global Warming

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SHORT TERM SOLUTIONS FOR GLOBAL WARMING 745 words It has been few years since I read news about a project for leading some of the sunlight of Turkey to a country of North Europe. In fact, I was not surprised. They have lack of sunlight and turkey has it, just a supply and demand matter. I do not know whether they have tried to proceed that project or not, but everyone knows that humanity will face serious problems about climate soon. Although we have been in March we could not see any snow on the contrary to previous years. Of course some poor people are pleased with it because of oil and gas prices, but the coming danger will be a greater problem for everyone. The problem is called ?Greenhouse effect? which means a slow warming up of the Earth caused by changes in the atmosphere. These changes are increases in the amount of carbon dioxide and other man-made gases like chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). The Earth is warmed by solar radiation, and some heat is radiated back to the atmosphere from surface. At this point carbon dioxide and the other man-made gases absorb the heat and re-radiate it back to the surface. Of course more carbon dioxide means more heat re-radiated back, resulting in global warming. Human, a clever creature is hard on the Earth. The gas that he produces during lifetime by breathing is not enough to damage the Earth well. So he must produce more, and some additional things. He solves the problem by using more fossil fuels and some man-made gases aggressively. Of course a hungry African cannot do, yet rich people, who are one per cent of whole population whereas use fifty per cent of the Earth resources, are very successful in destruction of the...