Global Warming

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Global warming is defined as an increase in the world's temperatures, believed to be caused in part by the greenhouse effect and depletion of the ozone layer. The general idea is that global warming will be slow and the world will find time to discover the solutions to it. Facts prove otherwise, and that global warming is an ever-increasing risk to the human race. Why cannot we as humans face the fact and actually stop polluting, even though we are posed with the constant threat of melting poles, increasing sea levels, massive storms and worst of all another ice age!

Global warming has been in the news for the past forty years, but we only started taking notice of the severity now. In 1970, a satellite photo of the North Pole was taken, this same photo was compared to a photo taken in 2003 of the exact same location, and the more recent photo reveals that 40% of the North Pole has melted in just 33 years due to global warming.

Research reveals that it is now melting at an alarming rate and that sea levels are bound to rise as it melts. This definitely means we have to do something quickly, that is if we want to survive.

This is not the first time that global warming has affected our world. About 8200 years ago, the north and south poles melted, causing an ice age that lasted about a hundred years. This was due to the stoppage of the Gulf Stream because of the great amount of fresh water entering the ocean; this Gulf Stream holds weather patterns the way that we know them. This ice age left northern Europe under half a kilometer of ice, and New York and England had the same weather as Siberia.

Right now,