Global Warming

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#Global Warming

Pro- Article: Climate Change and The Greenhouse Effect

The author in this article is saying that the climate change and the greenhouse effect is a direct result of global warming. There is no if, ands, or buts about this problem that we ar now facing today. In this article you will read and learn about deadly stroms that have been caused by global warming, the research that scientist have undergone to come to the coclusion that global warming is a reality and it is taking place as we speak.

Global warming poses a grave challenge today. There is a gradual warming in the climate taking place around the earth. This warming in the long run will pose serious problems. It already has begun. We hear of certain animals getting extinct, glaciers melting in Antarctica, snow bearing countries such as Switzerland, Canada are facing shorter winters and longer summers.

All this is attributed to global warming. This global warming creates further problems for developing countries who are already coping with various issues. They will find it difficult to adapt to the rapid climatic changes. Meeting this global warming challenge, is something that needs to be addressed at all levels, from personal level, each individual having to be responsible, to a national level, the government making decisions, laying down rules and policies, right up to the international level, with various countries getting together to tackle this issue.

The greenhouse effect is essential to the environment. The problem arises when human beings, alter natural processes in the environment and emit more greenhouse gases than are necessary in the environment. We do so by burning oil, natural gas and coal - even the gasoline used for vehicles, increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Certain farming procedures add to...