Glory The federal government and Fedrick Douglas were thinking about

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Glory The federal government and Fedrick Douglas were thinking about getting an all black regiment. That idea soon came ture. The union accepted any black volenteers to join the 54th regiment of Massachusetts. Robert Shaw was selected general of the 54th regiment in the Union.

The black soldiers of the 54th regiment were treated bad. The soldiers recived verbal abuse such as racist comments. The 54th soldiers were also treated with physical abuse such as marching for long periods of time without stop. They did not recive proper equipment such as shoes and uniform. The sodliers had splinters, cuts and sores on there feet, therefore Shaw demanded shoes for his troops.

The 54th regiment of Massachusetts did not react in a bad way to the abuse from the officers. The 54th also did not accept little pay. The soldiers said that if they were soldiers they should be treated like soldiers and paid like soldiers and thats how it went for 18 months.

The black regiment was all in it therefore they should stay together. So they talked, sang, and ate together. Anothere way you can compare the soldiers of the 54th is like a great bog family, they eached watched over each other like brothers and close friends. Another reason they had to stay together is becase they had to deal with racism as well as defending the Union.

This movie was very sad. It showed how blacks were treated even though they were defending the Union. But in the same time it gave me a visual picture of how the 54th regiment formed, how they stuck together to fight a war and racism, and how the regiment fought with honor and pride.