A Good Descriptive Hunting Essay.

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There was no visible light out. It was calm out tonight; mid night dew still fresh on my boots. The smell of fresh pine covered the bare spot of the forest I was now camped in. It was time to break camp; camping too long in one spot could give away my posion. I quickly put away the rest of the salted pork in my left leg pocket and mounted my gun on my right shoulder. I started to stand up, but very slowly as to not alert a fly. I finally reach mid standing (not quite standing, but not quite crouching.) I slowly creep forward, listening to every sound that I wasn't making. I crept slowly to the giant oak just one hundred feet east of my camp. It was still very early, and very dark. I finally made it to the oak and doing one more last check, I finally stood erect, confident that no one was around.

As I started to head north of the oak, I placed the gun on my back and felt relived to not be on the look out for once. I began to do a slight jog. Fresh, crisp air began to fill my lungs, something that came to a nice surprise to my worn muscles.

With the air clearing my mind, the vision came back to me. We were in the clearing of the woods where the trees were less dense. He could see me; I feet his eyes on me, yet I could see him It was all blurry in my mind after that, like having a night of heavy drinking. But none the less I knew the spot. I knew the part of the woods he was hiding in, and I was set in that direction.

Some time past,