A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Have you ever assumed that someone is a really nice person, but once you got to know the person you realized that you were wrong? In "A Good Man is Hard to Find" the Wesley family and their grandmother are on their way to Florida. Along the way, the grandma was explaining to her son, Bailey that she did not want to go to Florida because there was an escaped convict, whom they called Misfit, on the loose. It had been suspected that he was headed there. Despite the grandmother's disapproval the family continued on their trip.

A few days into the trip, the grandmother recalled an old plantation that she had visited when she was just a young lady. While talking about the plantation she remembered that there was a secret panel in the house. The children began to get excited, and started begging their father to let them go to the plantation.

The father finally gave in. The family turned off the main road and began traveling down an old dirt road. Suddenly, the hidden cat jumped out of its basket and onto Bailey. Due to the unexpectedness of the cats jump Bailey panicked and lost control of the car. The car rolled over once into the ditch. Not to long after that the family saw a car coming over a hill. When the car got close they realized the car had three people in it. After the car stopped the men got out. The grandmother thought she knew the man that had been driving. She did not know where from, but she felt like she had seen him before. Bailey and the man began talking. Suddenly, the grandmother screamed, "You're the misfit!" Little do the grandmother know, what she had just said would change the...