The Good Old Days.

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Whenever you go over your grandparent's house, your bound to hear one of those stories about the 'Good Old Days'. Grandparents love to talk about how good life was in the 'Good Old Days'. But what was so good about the 'Good Old Days'? In this report you are about to find out.

I will be making a questionnaire including the subjects of food, education, clothing, recreational activities, discipline, housing and transport. I will be getting answers to this questionnaire from three different people, who grew up in the 'Good Old Days'. Each person will have grown up in a different time period. One each from the 1930-40's,1950-60's and 1970-80's. I will also be answering the questionnaire myself. From there I will collate, analyse and compare the information and using it test the hypothesis, 'Life was much better growing up in the 'Good Old Days' than it is today'.

I will then state my opinion on the hypothesis based on the comparison of information I collected.

Main Body

I was born on November 17th 1989. I turned thirteen in 2002. The following information is based on the time period that I am growing up in.

The subjects taught at school were core, (such as English, Science, Social Studies, Maths, L.O.T.E and Religion) and also special option classes (such as Metalwork, Woodwork, Music, Drama, Media, Art, Computing and P.E). School hours were from 8:30-3:10, five days a week. On average we had about 25-30 kids in each class. The teachers at school are very good, although they all have a different style of teaching.

The family diet mainly consisted of cereal, porridge or toast for breakfast. For lunch there were sandwiches, fruit, biscuits, fruit bars and chips. For dinner it was mainly rice, stir-fry, pasta and meat. Breakfast was at...