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Marketing Approach Goodyear's Marketing Approach Introduction They are black, made out of rubber, and prosaic in design. Some have raised white letters, while others may have a lifetime tread warranty. Although rarely thought about by the consumer, until the need is absolutely necessary, this unsought durable good is used by nearly everyone. Goodyear is one of the leading manufacturers of this product. The product being tires. Goodyear's ultimate goal is to be "No. 1 in Tires in the World". Through Goodyear's marketing approach, this goal is becoming a reality.

History The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. was founded in 1898 by two brothers Frank and Charles Seiberling. The Seiberling's began their company by purchasing an abandoned strawboard factory consisting of two buildings, a mill, and 12 acres for 13,500 dollars. The first product was carriage and bicycle tires. The Sieberlings had a common goal, which was to "participate in an enterprise that afforded opportunity for invention".

Their new company was named in honor of Charles Goodyear; the man responsible for inventing the rubber curing process called vulcanization. The word vulcanization originates from Vulcan the Greek god of fire. Vulcanization is the process where rubber is combined with sulfur and heat to form a more resilient durable rubber suitable for tires because it won't crack in the cold or melt in the heat.

Promotional Tools Through nonpersonal communication channels, Goodyear uses various promotional tools to attract the consumer. These tools are advertising, sales promotions, public relations and publicity. Goodyear's advertising goal is to "build preference with intent to buy while enhancing brand image and revitalizing Goodyear's corporate image". Brand image is an intricate component to Goodyear's sales. Goodyear is a company that uses it's company trade name combined with individual product names. The Goodyear name means premium brand and premium quality.