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I. current situationA. Current performance1. How did the corporation perform the past year overall in terms of return on investment, market share, and profitability?Google inc. Operates in the technological sector and more specifically in the internet information providers industry.

As we can see, from the financial data about Google Inc., the company had a stable market share during 2007 till September the same year. From September 2007 the share price started increasing drastically reaching a price of $741 per share, a gain of around $200 compared to august 2007; in percentages, a gain of around 40%.

We also see from the annual reports that revenues increased on an ongoing basis up to June 2007 when are the latest quarter results. The ROI for 2006 was 16.66% and for 2005 was 14.27% which shows that return on investment increased from 2005 to 2006 with 2.39%.

Splits: noneLast trade:741.79Trade time:4:00pm etChange: 16.14

(2.22%)Prev close:725.65Open:738.20Bid:741.61 x 100Ask:741.88 x 1001y target est:747.27Day's range:725.00 - 741.7952wk range:437.00 - 730.23Volume:8,405,984Avg vol (3m):4,985,520Market cap:231.54bP/e (ttm):58.03Eps (ttm):12.78Div & yield:N/a (n/a)B. Strategic postureWhat are the corporation's current mission, objectives, strategies, and policies?1. Are they clearly stated or are they merely implied from performance?All information such as the mission is listed on the corporate section of Google's website, as for the objectives, strategies and policies, they are hidden. On other webpages though, there are some theories and other stories about Google's strategies etc. It is logical that Google does everything they can to make sure that certain information stays hidden, since this is their success formula.

2. Mission: what business(es) is the corporation in? Why?The company's mission statement can be found in full inside the annual report. Here is just the main part of it which is also the essence: "our mission is to organize the world's information and make...