Gossip..how in the end the tables turn around... this is for example essays.

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Time of the hour

While everyone at work was caught up helping customers, Missy clocked in and began running her mouth about how much she disliked Beauty. Soon after Missy clocked in , questions that were being asked about placed orders changed to updates on the latest gossip. I was prepping containers of sliced tomato's just waiting for someone to put Missy in check. I thought to myself how much trouble she was getting herself into by opening her mouth. It is wiser to keep gossip to one's self so consequences can be avoided.

While finishing a bundle of sliced tomatoes in the back room, I over heard Missy's commotion. Her latest news came across one of our own co-workers. A group of employees tuned in, to listen this interesting gossip. As she spoke out bravely, for no reason to judge, rudely spoke about this attractive employee.

The sweat of hard work covered her entire face.

Beauty was one of the most attractive females at work but wore to much make-up. At the moment of Missy arrival to work, she must of notice her mascara coming off. Beauty's mascara had spread around the eyes and some spot on her cheek. She was working the grill and heat was hitting her face constantly. She never had spoken about others when they have ugly days.

Missy's head was beginning to feel big because she was in the back room, away from beauty's hearing distance. My thoughts of miss beautiful had me wonder if she considered her self a foxy woman.. Well she was not attractive in the first place and to talk about a beautiful female is just too wrong.

It was time of the hour of a pay-per-view fight. After closing time, most employees were in the back room,