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GOVERNMENT'S FLAW The government is one of the most highly criticized things in the world. From feudalism to democratic governments, there is always something to make fun of or talk about from how fat the president is to how unfair the government taxes the people. Jonathan Swift takes the flaws of politics, from his era, and magnifies them into governmental insults as well as an eye opener to the common man. Thus, Gulliver's Travels breaks up the flaws of the English government to form the governments of the Liliput, Brobdinag, and the Houhynms.

Liliput tries to show itself as a well-cultured society but, the narrow-minded people show themselves to be militaristic totalitarians. As Gulliver studies the Liliputians he learns that they are well-schooled in math as well as engineering. Their government contains an odd amendment stating that everyone must break their eggs on the little end. As in every society there are people who try to redefine the rule such as the Big-enders, who move to another island to practice what they believe.

The Liliputians, like England of the time, feels that their way is the best and that they must have total control to keep harmony. This is paralleled with England's efforts to keep Ireland and Scotland under their control by militaristic action. As the Liliputians try to force Gulliver into destroying the Big-enders, he protests to the Emperor "I will never be an instrument of bringing a free and brave people into slavery"(64). Swift shines through Gullivers actions saying that no one should be forced to do anything that they feel is not right. Liliput's greed for dominance is one part of England's flaws that Swift tries to exploit.

The feudal government is based on an exchange of tribute for protection. Brobdingnag's government is a form of...