Governmental Structures

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As I began to create my ideal world, I realized that what I wanted was a mix of three different governments/cultures. I wanted (and still do) a government truly of and for the people. I also wanted a government that was minimalist, one that made sure there was some kind of order and peace, but one that was well, personal, while not interfering too much with the rights of it's citizens. Additionally, I wanted a government that would allow private industry, small businesses, and limited corporations. This government would regulate the economy by being in charge of major industries and the minimum wage. This government would even the playing field for everyone who wanted to play on it. Education would be excellent, but driven by the wants of the individual.

Basically, I wanted a government that did not fit well into any of Stewart's categories. Please forgive me if this essay sounds vague at times, because without being able to mimic typical governments, my nation is difficult to describe in the way Stewart describes what has been before.

My nation is neither Democratic Socialist, nor Radical Liberal, nor Anarchist (though I would have loved to created an Anarchist culture, I was afraid to, after all, I am a child of the Regan years) I suppose you'll just have to read along and discern what type of government this is by how I describe it.

In my previous "My Way" essay, I described a world in which a person was taken care of by the government and themselves throughout their lives. Because of effective birth control methods implemented in the year 2000, the population of the United States decreased slowly, allowing for more change to take place because there were basically fewer people to complicate the change in governmental structure. From...