The Great Bambino: Babe Ruth.

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George Herman Ruth, Jr. was born on February 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was the first of eight children. George was given the nickname "Babe" from his friends while playing he was playing baseball.

Babe lived with his parents until he was seven years old. He managed to survive the dirty, crowded city of Baltimore. Babe's mom and dad did not show much love or affection for their son. His parents felt that Babe was causing too much trouble for the family, so they decided to send him away. Young Babe was sent to St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys and his father gave the Xaverian Brothers full custody. Essentially the Xaverian Brothers who ran St. Mary's that season as result the Yankees let him go. Babe announced that his playing days were over and that he would love to manage a team especially the Yankees. The Boston Braves convinced him to join the team by making him believe that the following year he may become the team's manager.

But that never happened. Babe Ruth announced his retirement on June 2, 1935 and was inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame a year later.

In 46, Babe was diagnosed with throat cancer. The doctors gave him treatment but the cancer had progressed too far to be healed. Two years after being diagnosed with throat cancer the Great Bambino passed away.