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Who does not enjoy taking in an exciting fast-paced sports event alongside thousands of people?! Most Canadians cannot get enough of the heavy-hitting, skillful game of ice hockey. As in other parts of the world, sports enthusiasts eat, sleep and breathe the game of soccer. At first hockey and soccer seem to be two totally different sports, but after some time of observing these two sports one can point out many similarities and differences. The equipment used by the players in these two games is not alike at all yet the objectives of the two games are very similar.

The main pieces of equipment in hockey are sticks, skates and a puck as where in soccer all one really needs is a ball. Athletes who participate in hockey and soccer at a competitive level need to be protected while playing, thus they have protective gear. Hockey players are covered from head to toe in bulky protective equipment needing a helmet, shoulder pads, jock, pants, shin pads, skates etc.

As where their soccer counterparts only use a handful of protective equipment which consists of shin pads and cleats. This being said, athletes involved in the game of hockey have to be much more protected than those in soccer, as hockey is a contact sport and even the players that avoid physical play have a chance of getting hit with the puck. And without the proper protection a player can be seriously injured. As where soccer players have less to worry about as soccer is a less physical sport and the chances of getting seriously injured are seldom compared to hockey players. Being involved in the game of hockey can put quite a dent in your bank account as equipment is extremely expensive as players are spending hundreds of dollars just...