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"During the Past four decades historians have consistently rated Washington, Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt as the greatest Presidents." To be an effective and great President requires the articulation and enactment of one's beliefs. A great president stands by their word and stops at nothing to protect their principles. In addition to preserving their ideology, a great president must be clever, politically astute, and a good decision maker. They must also be hard working and persistent, as well as open-minded. They must win and sustain the support of the majority, but overall, do what is best for the nation as a whole, including internal improvements.

Upon taking office under unanimous consent, the first president of the United States acted carefully and deliberately, aware of the need to build an executive structure that could accommodate future presidents. Washington demonstrated hard work and persistency as he led his tiny army of volunteers together for eight desperate years under unbelievably harsh conditions, to lead the Continental army to victory over the powerful British forces in the Revolutionary War.

In 1974, Washing accepted Jay's Treaty, settling outstanding differences between the United States and Britain, as well as developing closer commercial ties. Hoping to prevent sectionalism, Washington toured the New England states and the South, proving to be an able administrator. Washington guided the new government as it moved from the concepts expressed in the Constitution into a functioning federal republic, establishing many traditions and precedents along the way. After serving two terms in office, he refused to seek a third one, setting the precedent of a maximum two-term presidency, still in use today. Most of all, Washington kept a new inexperienced nation from falling into monarchy or dictatorship.

In addition to Washington, Lincoln demonstrated the characteristics of a great president. Lincoln was determined to uphold...