The Greenhouse Effect

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The greenhouse effect is made up of natural occurring

gases(such carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, chloroflurocarbons, and

tropospheric ozone) that help in heating the Earth's surface and atmosphere.

The planet's energy are being changed through the process in which the

atmospheric gases are able to absorb long wave radiation from the Earth's surface.

Without the greenhouse effect life on earth will not happen. It will be too cold

for any type of life to be able to be preserved. Temperatures will be as low

as 15 degrees Celsius.

Ozone is a gas that is present in the atmosphere. It sort of resembles

the Oxygen gas that is needed to sustain gas. Oxygen gas is made up of two

oxygen atoms. Ozone is made up of three oxygen atoms. It can work two ways. It

can either be good or bad. The ozone in the lower layer of the atmosphere

called troposphere is considered a pollutant.

It has the ability to harm

plants, animal tissue, rubber, and plastic. The ozone present in the layer above

the troposphere, the stratosphere, works by blocking the UV lights that come

from the harmful radiation of the sun.

You are probably wondering why am I explaining the ozone layer and the

greenhouse effect. Well within time our there has been gradual changes in our

weather. Here in California it hardly ever rains. Ten years ago I moved to

Texas and when I got there I thought it was the ugliest state in the whole

entire US because the lawns were so dried, it made the state look so dead. At that

time I remember California's lands were so green, beautiful green trees, deep

green plants everywhere I looked. I came back about a year or two ago and

found that California is no longer...