Gritty Waffle (Restaurant Analysis)

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Excellent service and great food at affordable prices is what can be expected from The Waffle House located at Loop 12 and Irving Boulevard in Irving, Texas. Founded on Labor Day in 1955 by Joe Rodgers and Tom Forkner in the Atlanta suburb of Avondale Estates, this restaurant is open 24 hours everyday of the year. Bright yellow welcome signs are plastered throughout the restaurant's interior and exterior, further enhancing the southern hospitality feeling that The Waffle House restaurant chain strives for. This restaurant's close proximity to Loop 12 definitely keeps locals, late night travelers, and truckers coming and going at all hours.

Once inside and comfortably seated in a booth or in a high chair at the counter, customers are able to view the cook prepare all the meals ordered, but even before then, be prepared to be greeted whole-heartedly by the wait staff on duty. This might feel a little uncomfortable and silly to some, but this simple display of respect and acknowledgement helps The Waffle House build customer loyalty.

A loyal customer will return time and time again regardless of any new restaurants popping up in the area. Now back to the good stuff, the cooks and the food. Cooks, as mentioned earlier, prepare the meal in front of an audience, the hungry customers. The "out in the open cooking style" ensures that the food is being prepared when ordered and according to the health code. So there is truly no room for mistakes and if the cook just so happens to breathe incorrectly someone in the small building will notice it.

The food offered at The Waffle House is not by any means fancy. The traditional American breakfast meals, accompanied by a side of grits and toast, are served any time of the day. So it...