"Ground Control" - To What extent could the concept of "service as theatre" be applied to Starbucks?

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This report explains similarities between service of a theatre and coffee shop Starbucks. Marketing mix tools people, process and physical evidence are explained to assist in better understanding of services. The article Ground Control is analysed.


To satisfy a customer needs it takes enormous amount of effort, however it can be achieved easier with assistance of various marketing mix tools such as people, process and physical evidence. The example of that can be seen in the article Ground Control.

Today, people are very dependable on and very involved in services as common part of their living. Like in real life as McColl-Kennedy (2003) mentioned with services it takes act, performance and experience to deliver a service.

To What extent could the concept of "service as theatre" be applied to Starbucks?

For better understanding of services some of the main factors should be explained. The term "People" relates to "those who play a part in the production and delivery of service".

(McColl-Kennedy, 2003, page 11). However, people are not enough for a service to occur. Another compulsory term is "Process". In his book McColl-Kennedy (2003, page 11) has explained process as "all activates involved in producing and delivering the service. Another very important tool for marketing the services is physical evidence". That includes all physical representations of the service, such as business cards, reports, signage and equipment.

Service as theatre is also known as servicescape. It is defined as the environment in which a service is produced and delivered. There are actors - people who produce and deliver service, and there is audience - the customers who consume the performance. (Mc Coll-Kennedy, 2003). In the journal article "The impact of serviescape on quality perception" Remer and Kuehn mentioned that service providers should give careful consideration to their servicescape. In...