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Presentation on Light and dark grown plants (leaves) Hypothesis: Hypothesis states that a plant grown in the dark will develop differently from plants grown in the dark, individual parts will develop faster/slower depending on its need for light and its function.

Predictions: We predicted that the plants in the dark would have smaller less developed leaves due to the fact that the lack of light would make the leaves useless. The plants grown in the light however would develop normal and would have much larger leaves, as they would be their primary source of food through photosynthesis.

Results: The results of the experiment showed that the plants grown in the light had larger leaves compared to the ones in the dark Readings: Length in cm Width in cm Light Grown 4 cm 3.6 cm Light Grown 4.4 cm 3.7 cm Light Grown 4.2 cm 3.5 cm Dark Grown 2.5

cm 1.5 cm Dark Grown 2.4 cm 1.9 cm Dark Grown 2.5 cm 1.4 cm These reading support our hypothesis as they show that plants grown in the light and in the dark develop differently it is clearly sent that the leaves in the dark grown plats are smaller than that of the ones in the light grown plant. Therefore the results clearly support the hypothesis.

This shows that plants grown in dark have smaller leaves due to the lack of sunlight. Leaves are mainly used for the process of photosynthesis which can only in the presence of light; therefore there is no use for big well developed leaves when no light is present. But in the case of the plants grown in the light they leaves can still perform their function of producing food through photosynthesis due to the presence of light therefore the leaves are better developed.

Conclusion: This shows us that growth of the leaves in a plant is dependant on the presence of light and that leaves grow bigger in a plant grown in the light compared to one grown in the dark.