The Guest House - How does the writer convey the human experience in the poem?

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The Guest House

How does the writer convey the human experience in the poem?

Throughout the poem 'The Guest House' the writer conveys the human experience in the poem in many ways for example using the descriptive skills, the choice of language and the form and structure of the poem.

The main theme and Idea that runs throughout the poem is human experience and how they're are different emotions that are felt and that all should be accepted.

The poems structure consists of five unequal stanzas, the first two stanzas and last two stanzas are the shortest and the stanza in the middle is the biggest consisting of seven lines. From the poem we can see that there is no enjambment and every stanza finishes with a full stop.

The language in this poem shows the human experience and that in every humans life there will be positive emotions and negative ones and you have to accept all and not try to avoid negative ones if they com "A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor."

In this poem the human experience and emotions felt is compared to a guest house as "every morning a new arrival" which could mean the new emotions that are being felt each time by humans showing there human experience which is conveyed within this poem.

The poet's descriptive skills show even more how human experience is conveyed within this poem, as describing being human as a 'guesthouse' is using imagery and in your head this description helps you imagine what it is like and makes the reader think how do the two link. In the last stanza the emotions and feeling of humans are described as people linking in with human experience...