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Gun Control Gun control is one of the biggest problems in today "˜s society. There are a number of people who believe that we have harsh gun control laws. My personal belief is that there should be specific gun laws that are carefully planned and well thought out. The problem is not the guns; is the people that improperly use them. I am disappointed to see how gradually the government is taking our constitutional rights away.

I strongly believe in gun control but not in gun elimination, we all know that a firearm is a dangerous weapon especially if that individual is not properly educated about firearms. In this world any device or instrument can be consider dangerous especially if not properly operated.

I feel that if you were to educate people about firearms then guns would not be a big dilemma in our society. For example in Chicago it is unlawful to own a handgun but you can own a nine round shotgun.

There is a freeze on some small firearms like a twenty two caliber pistol because a six shooter could melt on you, but then again one could buy a seventeen shot clip for a nine millimeter. A police officer or a civilian has more danger facing a criminal with a seventeen shot pistol rather than going up against a six-shooter.

History has proven that when there are tougher laws there is higher a higher crime rate. If you are convicted of a murder in the state of Louisiana, there is no chance of an appeal or parole; you are going to be executed. Even with laws such as that, Louisiana has one of the highest crime rates in the country. In the state of Texas were gun laws are more lenient, it has the lowest...