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There are two sides to every issue. Everyone has their own opinion on topics and discussion but when it comes to the lives of others, the facts have to out weigh peoples opinions. The lives Americans could be put into danger because of a gun or an assault weapon. Unfortunately in the Us it isn't uncommon to hear about how a gun was used in a crime or when some student brought a gun into school. Stricter gun control should be assessed. If a child can get a hold of a gun then something has to be done. These should be much stricter gun laws and the banning of all assault weapons.

Many people have their opinion about banning assault weapons. They think that it is unnecessary and not of importance. In defense of their case they claim that "there is little reason to believe that banning these weapons will have any effect"(Sullum 2).

Many uneducated people in our society think that nothing will result because of the ban , yet they couldn't be more wrong. Yet, "advocated of the ban tended to focus only on specific cases"(Sullum 3). These cases have to be focused on because of the nature and severity of them. Any time a gun is used to kill, injure or maim someone in a crime it should be focused on. Clearly people understand that guns are used in crime and that they are a danger to society, but all people don't yet understand how dangerous they are.

People who are well known in the field of gun control know the real side of the story. "More and more American children are becoming victims of handgun violence, something must be implemented to protect the nations children"(Greenhaven 2). People of society blame assault weapons as the problem; this...