Guns Save Lives

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Guns Save Lives

Imagine you are walking down the street with your wife and your two small children. You all are laughing and joking with each other and have just come from a nice evening at the movies. As you and your family turn the corner a man with a weapon jumps out of a dark alley. You look at the man's weapon, and then at his face, you can see the evil and desperation in his eyes. A feeling of helplessness sinks over you, fear grabs you by the heart, thoughts begin to flash through your head. What does this man want? What will he do to us? Will he harm my wife, my little beautiful children? What do I do? Now imagine the exact same scenario, but this time you are a gun owner carrying your concealed handgun. You have practiced shooting your weapon and know how to handle it safely.

This time the outcome is much different, you are scared, but you know what to do. Unexpected to the criminal you pull your handgun; he sees the determination on your face to protect your family and the gun in your hand. He realizes the tables have turned he is the one afraid for his life now. Chances are, that is the end of the story, the bad guy runs away and you and your family are a little shaken, but you go home unharmed. Similar situations, to these two scenarios, happen every day around the world. If it were you which story would you want to be in?

Guns have always been a part of America's history. Our first settlers carried them, they won the west. Guns are so much a part of us, the right to...