Gymnastics. Talks about my love for gymnastics and the punishing the girls go through. Eating disorders, injuries, ect!

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Gymnastics is definitely my all-time favorite sport. When gymnastics is done in the correct way it is one of the most beautiful sports in the world. The young men and women we see in the Olympics every four years are brave and fearless individuals. Under the enormous pressure of the Olympic Games, these athletes attempt and complete some of the most mind boggling skills on earth with perfect form and extension. Although the moves look very easy at times, they are exceedingly dangerous and one must have great mental focus to compete at the highest level. Some gymnasts will do almost anything to make it to the Olympic Games; even if they must sacrifice their body or mind on their journey to greatness.

Every gymnast gets beat up from time to time; it is just part of the sport. Injuries are very common now that the skills being performed are much more difficult.

An athlete could be in the best shape of her life and an injury at an inopportune time can disrupt everything. Many gymnasts have

had life treating injuries and some athletes have actually died due to injuries sustained in gymnastics. Major contenders for the Olympic Games train from 37 to 40 hours per week. The endless training takes its toll on the body and mind. Most female gymnasts do not start having periods until they retire from the sport. Also, the many years of pounding the body goes through destroys the growth plates and the girls do not grow as tall as they would normally grow without gymnastics.

Anorexia and extreme dieting is also very much a large part of gymnastics. It is very obvious that the smaller the athlete the easier the elements will be. An American gymnast named Christy Henrich took this...