Hamiltonianism influences America Today

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Although it has been said that Jefferson “. . . embodied the political and philosophical ideals of America ,” it is Hamilton that was the true visionary concerning America’s ideals. These ideals, also known as “The American School,” helped create a large portion of the government today. Hamilton has provided us with a source of stability ; from the term of the president, to elections, and even the implied powers. The American School of Capitalism intended to make the United States an economically independent and nationally self-sufficient nation. Those ideas are now carried on into the current Republican party, and are seen in politics and everyday life today. Hamilton had first suggested the idea of a president. The president was to have terms after his election, which Hamilton had said should last three years. After the three years of service, a new election is held. Terms were not yet limited, but the concept had followed through to our time.

The president also holds an absolute veto according to Hamilton. Today, our presidency is a four year term, with a maximum of two terms, and presidential veto can be overridden with a two-thirds vote from the House of Representatives.

Elections decide just about everything in America ; from our president to our state representatives. According to Hamilton, for any important elections, you should have a complex multi-stage election. A presidential or senatorial election, have chosen electors who would elect smaller bodies of electors (a representative democracy). They would hold office for life, but removable for misconduct. Elections were to be held for just about anything, except for state governors, who were to be appointed by the Federal Government. When you are elected in today’s age, you are elected for so many years. You are not elected for life and are still...