Harmony in the United states: a term paper about what how the USA should get rid of social classes and racial issues in the future.

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Harmony in the United States

In order to survive in the world, the United States must tear down the current racial and social classes. For the entirety of its existence, the United States has discriminated against minorities and the social classes have grown apart slowly. Minorities should fight for their rights to live their life in peace and excel at whatever they do.

Since the beginning of America, the various social classes have tried to live in harmony. The differences between the groups often took over and they ended up fighting. In the early 1800's, a military draft was started for the civil war. Wealthy people could buy out of the draft for $300 (Becker). It was the poor Americans and immigrants that were the people fighting the war. As a result, a massive riot occurred in downtown New York City. Hundreds of poor people and immigrants took to the streets killing wealthy people and taking their possessions.

Eventually, the National Guard had to step in and the troops marched on American citizens. This is the first time in history that this happened. The wealthy people of America often lived far away or separate from the poor people and immigrants. Out of sight is truly out of mind, that is until the poor come knocking at your door.

In our capitalistic society, people are free to conduct their business and earn as much money as possible. The wealthy class is predominantly the ones to govern the rest of us and serve in the ownership and regulatory positions. The middle class are considered the average American. He or she has 3.2 children, is married and has a house

and car. The lower class is predominantly the servants of society. They work at the graveyard shift doing what nobody really wants...