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Harassment in any form is no longer consired as a minor matter in the public eye today. It is becoming a serious concern for large and small companies alike. Handling harassment cases in organization's is classified as difficult ones due to the sensitivity and the disruptive power of the matter.

Therefore it's to benefit of the organization to prevent harassment before they occur. Inorder to achieve this, organizations must device effective preventive methods which also compliments the rules and policy set by the government and unions.

One of the most effective tool against harassment is a well-written policy statement on harassment issues. It serves as a valuable tool to the organization in the following three ways: - as an employee relations tool, as basic educational tool for both managers and employees on the subject of harassment and as a way of minimizing legal liability to the organizations. It serves an an employee relations tool, by clearly indicating employer's concern for the well-being of its employees at work, and its commitment to providing a work environment free of harassment or of inappropriate behavior and language that make employee uncomfortable.

A well administrated policy would increase employees' awareness and reliance on internal dispute-resolution process when they they are viewed as credible. Therefore policy statement can increase the likelihood of the internal dispute-resolution process before government agencies, attorney and courts get involved. It provides fundamental education on harassment issues for managers and employees by providing clear guidelines for workplace behavior by defining what is harassment is and what is not? By making every one aware of the rules, policy statement can significantly reduce the chances of harassment occurring, especially inadvertently. A well-communicated policy statement policy is the most important tool for limiting employer legal liability or cut the liability off entirely. Not only...