Has Television Gone Too Far?

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Has Television Gone Too Far? To some, TV is just a form of entertainment and has no impact on any segment of the population. To others, TV not only impacts society, it is destroying family values as well as well as putting new ideas in children's heads. Children emulate what they see and hear. As early as the late 1950's some children thought that they were Superman and could actually fly. Needless to say, children were injured when they tied a bedsheet around themselves and actually tried to fly.

Today, one of the TV culprits is wrestling. Not only does it teach violence and the use of foul language as well as the degradation of women by showing scantily clad women who are nothing more than sex objects.

Children, our most vulnerable segment of the population look at wrestling unaware that the matches are staged and for the most part, the wrestlers don't get hurt.

Unfortunately going back to emulating what they see and hear, children try these "staged" wrestling moves on each other with dire consequences as some of the latest news stories have shown.

According to the Parents Television Council the family TV hour from 8-9 PM has become raunchier with coarser language, although sexual content has decreased. It was also stated that there was more violence shown. Fifteen percent of violent incidents involved a gun, with an additional 51 percent involving some other weapon. Could this be where children get their ideas? Quoting from the Parents Television Council web site: "In the last few years, we have too often heard tragic accounts of children hurting or killing themselves or others while imitating scenes from violent movies or television shows; acting out lyrics to violent songs; or learning how to shoot classmates and teachers with blood-chilling accuracy from...