How has this text aided in your understanding of the concept of journeys? (The Tempest, by William Shakespeare)

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A journey, whether physical, imaginative or inner forces one to encounter challenges or obstacles and often involve some sort of unfamiliarity. A journey is the moving from one place to another physically, mentally or spiritually. Journeys broaden the mind to allow the understanding of the world. This concept can be seen in William Shakespeare's "The Tempest" through the use of language devices.

"The Tempest" is the title and also a great storm which opens the play. The immediate tension of the courtiers and the boatswain over the storm and boat highlights a physical journey already begun. Shakespeare takes the audience into an imaginative world using symbolism, stage directions and an epilogue.

Journeys can be shown through the use of symbolism. The sea voyage is symbolic of a physical journey displaying the concept of moving from one place to another. The audience is made aware that the ship and crew will face obstacles which will place unpredictable turns in the journey, like the tempest at the plays opening.

The audience is presented with enchantment happening within the play. The lines, "if you by art my dearest father you have put the wild waters in this roar, allay them, "spoken by Miranda demonstrates the magical powers Prospero possess. Miranda's use of 'if' signifies not only her horror of the storm, but also her fear of her father's power. Through these lines the audience is transported into the imaginative world of the supernatural. Shakespeare forces the audience to consider the concept of journeys as the text takes them on an imaginative journey.

Similarly, imaginative journeys can be seen through the character Prospero. Through the use of stage directions the audience can see the beginning of an imaginative journey. "Miranda assists Prospero, his cloak is laid aside," shows Prospero is putting his...