Has Your Paradigm Shifted?

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Lance Morrow explains the countries state as a paradigm shifting. He compares and contrasts the differences between the new and old paradigm and ultimately favors the new. He describes the way Americans are honing their "wits" in a time of peril and "[reinstating] a pre-Vietnam perspective" as the New Paradigm.

He notes that we are fighting for homeland security and collective purpose instead of less important petty issues. Even Hollywood has to limit propaganda. America used to look down upon jingoism but now "the entire nation is festooned and flapping red, white and blue." Morrow explains that our new paradigm is praising workers who keep our world in order, such as police and fireman, instead of snubbing them as disposable.

Bombs are now accepted in our society as "just another useful weapon." Lance Morrow reveals our country's present feelings about our leadership as non-partisan and semi-conservative. We discard our feelings about an unfair election and even the "Democrats are grateful that Al Gore isn't sitting in the White House."

Morrow explicates how "under the old paradigm racial profiling was abhorred"¦" and now it seems to be "an inevitable piece of common sense." However, Morrow also points out that our new paradigm has ruthless and brutal characteristics. For instance, the majority has become prejudiced enough to want to send the whole Muslim community back to the their original homes. Our new paradigm contradicts the old, expressing that evil is an "ignorant demonization of cultural differences." Morrow expresses this newer concept as being correct in his view.

Morrow concludes his essay characterizing evil (the terrorists actions) as inexplicable, penetrable of all things, and reclusive until it feels a perfect time to show itself to the world.