Hate Speech.

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The White Supremacist Organization is a huge hate group centralized in America. They send out messages to all white's of all ages urging them to join in the hatred of other non-Aryan races. One of the methods they use to send these messages is via internet. They use this global system to brain wash the minds of their targets and expand the growth of their group or as they call it, their Church. There aren't many blocks or screens on the Internet so it is easy for them to send pretty much anything they would like. The KKK takes full advantage of this opportunity and uses it to their fullest extent.

As of now I feel this speech is protected by the first amendment, but in the future I feel there will be some action taken against this negativity. The first amendment gives people the right to free speech; free religion; and peaceful assembly.

Recently a law was passed saying that the KKK was not practicing peaceful assembly when they were in their hoods because they must be identifiable. It is not against the law to speak your mind, but the minute you start threatening others and causing others harm well then that is a different circumstance. I believe that the actions of the KKK will only be tolerated for a short time longer. Eventually the government will take action against these racists and try and make the America more peaceful. Man created the first amendment and sure as hell can change it.

I don't see the future being very bright for the KKK. Their racism and threatening messages aren't something to be reckoned with. Eventually the government is going to block and filter any white supremacist or KKK threats on the internet. Taking away...