What I have learnt after reading "Twelfth Night" Act 1 by Shakespeare

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What I have learnt after reading Act 1?

After reading Act 1 of Twelfth Night, I have expanded my knowledge on both writing skill and the attitude towards different things that will come across during lifetime.

In writing skils, I have learnt some figures of speech which can embellish my writing and the message that I am trying to explain.

Firstly, the poetic use of language is characterized by imagery, which gave special visions to an ordinary speech, at the same time, the original meaning or message is remained. Imagery can be expressed by the using of metaphor or simile.

Simile is a comparison with other objects. Frequently, similes are marked by using the words like or as. In scene I, line 4-6, "that strain again! It had a dying fall: o, it came o'er my ear like the sweet sound that breathes upon a bank of violets,' the reapeating of same piece of music which can feed the duke's passion, it is directly comparing with the breathing of those spring violets, both of them can fulfill the needs of the duke, and the duke will not abandon the excess supply of them.

Metaphor is a comparison which is only suggested, not made directly. Words used metaphorically refer at once to 2 or more different things, usually recalled together in a moment of strong feeling. In scene I, line 1-3. Orsino said, ' if music be the food of love, play on ; give me excess of it. Here, Orsino is lovesick, he thinks that if his love to Olivia comes to excess, he will then be sickened, and the love will came to an end.

However, there is not too much imagery used in this play, partly because so much of it is in prose, but imagery is...