How to have Lucid Dreams. Tips on how you can have Lucid Dreams.

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Quick Tips

Following are :-

-some background information on lucid dreaming

-some quick tips on learning how to lucid dream

-some tips for maintaining and prolonging your lucid dreams

-some info on the MILD technique

some other random tipzzzzz

A lucid dream occurs when you realize that you are dreaming. With practice, you can induce lucid dreams, (LDs), and maintain your lucidity for extended periods. Anything you can do while awake you can do in a lucid dream. There are also many things you can do that you cannot do in the waking world like flying, taking a free one night vacation to Hawaii, Nepal, or even Mars, going to that board room meeting a day early, brainstorming and problem-solving while having greater access to your subconscious, exploring amazing dreamscapes, encountering dream figures who often have marvelous insight and sage-like advice, to name but a few. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, literally.

People speak about following their dreams and having a dream or being a dreamer. I am talking about being fully conscious in your dream and experiencing them with the full awareness that you are in a dream. It is beyond description the feeling you get once you become lucid within a dream and realize that you are immersed in a full-blown, completely interactive dreamscape. The subjective experience could best be described as magical, mysticaleuphoric, ecstatic, profound and awe-inspiring, but all of these descriptions are just words. Words by nature are limited reflections of the experience itself, as the map is definitely not the terrain, and the menu is not the meal.

There is a lot of scientific research being conducted in this field recently, The Lucidity Institute is one of the premiere organizations collecting information on lucid dreaming. There has recently been an increase in...