Haven on Earth

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As I sit in front of a willow tree I can feel it's branches tickling my back. Underneath me is a carpet of grass as green as jade. The sky above me is has a few wispy cotton like clouds in it. I view the majestic splendor below me. There are orange poppies rising from the ground pointing to the lake with water so clear I can see the bottom. The refection of the silver rainbow trout shimmers off the surface of the lake. The air around me is free from the city smog. Breathing in and out I can smell its wonderful aroma. In the distance I can hear the sweet sound of birds singing. Looking towards the mountain I can see white snow beginning to melt. This has caused a rainbow effect of colors red, blue, pink, orange, green cascading down the mountain.

Getting up from my cathedral like set, I start down a path.

The path winds it way around the lake. I see a meadow of clover, and a brook at the end of the path. I follow the brook away from the lake. I find myself going up towards the sky. I walk until I come to a cliff. Looking down at the vast garden I can still see the lake and dear running in the meadow.

Following the brook back towards the lake I take a drink of the refreshing sweet water.

Reluctantly I must leave this wonderful garden of exquisiteness that God has kissed with his hand. It is beginning to grow dark. The sun is setting causing the sky to turn a pinkish color. It's becoming quieter, and I feel the peace of the area. Leaving I turn to see the sun has finally set. I look up...