Having Children

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Someone once said that children are the future, these children are the ones who will grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow. What would become of our society if there were no more children being born?

Having children should not just be to boast of something like an accomplishment, or to show someone how many children you have had or still having. Children cannot be treated like toys to be taken out and used when there is the need and then tossed aside when you become tired of them. Children are living beings that need to be cared, nurtured and given attention.

There are many issues to be considered when a woman decides to have children. Should they wait until they reach a certain age? Will they be good parents or will they treat their children as bad as some women have done? Should they try to reach a certain educational level before having children? Are there health issues that have to be considered? There are many women who will not have children because of some of the issues mentioned.

All of these questions plague them and filled them with fear of the unknown.

One of the problems why some women are against having children is the stories that they have heard from other women and also from what they have seen on the news. Having children seems so terrifying and scary that they have no thought of having children. Many women see having children as restricting them from enjoying certain lifestyles that they have built. They see children as a burden instead of a joy and restricting them from pursuing educational and other goals that they have dreamed and work for. They cannot see themselves as a mother, wife and student. They see this as something almost impossible...