Having a diverse marriage.

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Diversity and Marriage

Cultural Diversity is more than just a matter of Black and White; it is races, religions, and sexual preferences. As it stands in todays "pick and choose" world the issue of cultural diversity is established through marriage. All marriages and other lifetime partnerships are mixed relationships. Most involve persons of two genders: one man and one woman, while others prefer same-sex unions. Sometimes the two spouses are of different religions, nationalities, races, ethnic groups, and economic levels. The more significant differences in background they have, the greater the challenges that need to be resolved before and during marriage. Sometimes the efforts to reach a consensus can draw a couple closer together. Currently, having a diverse culture is moderately acceptable; it should become more permissible for any couple to wed regardless to the aforementioned differences.

Marrying into a different culture is still often the flashpoint for racism.

The recent racism study by researchers from Macquarie and NSW Universities asked how concerned people would be, if a relative were to marry into various racial groups.

The most concern came with marrying into a Muslim group. Earlier resistance to marrying into Asian cultures seemed to have dissipated. (Geraldine Doogue, http://www.abc.net.au/rn/talks/lm/stories/s654378.htm). From the 60's until the present, inter-Racial marriage has gained wider and wider acceptance. According to the US Census Bureau, in 2000 over 1,461,000 people were married to someone not of their own

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race, and 6.8 million people claimed to be multi-racial. In 1960, only 149 thousand people claim to be married to someone of a different race, and by 1970, 310 thousand such people lived in the United States (U.S. Census Bureau www.census.gov) Inter-racial marriage has been questioned since the dawn of time. From God's point of view, there is only one race on earth--the...