Hazardous drivers.

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Hazrds of unsafe driving

There are many Hazards of unsafe driving such as road rage. What makes this such a hazard is Feeling endangered, such as being cut off, Being detained by other drivers who are going slowly, Watching other people breaking the rules of the road and Feeling the need to retaliate. The first step to conquering road rage begins with acknowledgment of the feelings of impatience, frustration, anger and intolerance that drivers experience. Second, drivers should try self-witnessing behind the wheel. Drivers get to know their driving personality by pretending to give a play-by-play summary of their drive, speaking out loud. Putting a tape recorder in the car to record drivers' comments. The third step is to modify driving behaviors one at a time. The goal is to become a supportive driver as opposed to an aggressive or defensive driver. If this is not taken into consideration you could either end up killing yourself or a harmless person.

Another hazard that is unsafe is speeding. Speeding has been cited as a contributing factor in nearly one-third of all fatal motor vehicle crashes. The majority of drivers in the United States consider speeding and other forms of unsafe driving to be a major threat to the personal safety of themselves and their families. The threat of unsafe driving is real and dangerous. There is a reason for speed limits that's why there their. If you fail to follow the speed limit, it could result to some serious consequences, such as not being able to stop in time, killing a helpless victim, or hurting yourself and family. Speeding could also result to time in jail.

Driving unsafely makes you a hazard to yourself and to others. Letting emotions control you so you can't focus on the road is a serious...