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In today's world if a person would want to get on a certain team or join a frat or sorority, that person would have to put up with one big thing, initiation. Or as most call it hazing. There not the only people that put up with hazing though. Hazing is becoming big in high schools, church events, and even professional sports. Since so many people have to put up with the issue of hazing, it has become a very big issue in today's world. Whether it involves binge drinking, kidnapping, or some type of physical abuse, hazing is becoming an issue that is too common. Since it is becoming so common most people feel that someone needs to step in and stop hazing in all events no matter what it is.

Hazing can be defined in many different ways depending on whom you're talking to. But the actual definition is that it is any activity or situation that has been formed with the intention of causing another person mental or physical pain, embarrassment, or ridicule.

Hazing can range from making a person eat ridiculous things, to even have a person take a beating from others. Hazing happens mostly in colleges, but is becoming more common with high schools and other organizations as well.

People that want to join a frat or sorority have to deal with this issue on a daily basis, as well as athletes. The idea of hazing is to show how much a certain individual wants to be in a certain club. So since the people at the head of the club can pretty much do what ever they want to a certain individual, they do. They do that because it deals with the universal saying, only the strong survive. Which means the...