Hazing’s Secret Face Unmasked:

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An In-depth look into the Murder of American's Youth Carol had prepared herself for this moment all her life. Ever since junior high school, she knew going to college would be the experience that would forever change her. Carol was valedictorian of her senior class, head cheerleader, member of the Honor Society, and held an after school job at the local drug store while she volunteered for the Girl's Club on Saturdays. She was a beautiful girl who was Homecoming princess and Prom Queen. She loved her family dearly and the only difficult thing about college was having to leave them behind in her rural Kansas town.

Carol's mom was a Gamma Beta Rho while she attended college in Kansas City.

When Carol chose to join a sorority, it was only natural for her to follow in her mother's footsteps. Carol was a legacy. Formal rush was a blast for Carol, and seemed like the perfect way for her to start school off that fall.

But when the notorious "Hell Week" arrived, every dream she ever created, along with those of her loved ones, were shattered.

Hell Week, day one: Carol and her pledge class of fifteen were commanded to sleep in a room of the sorority house, barely big enough to hold three people comfortably.

They were deprived of food, water, and bathroom privileges. Hell week, day two: Carol and the other pledges were taken downtown and left. The actives told them they had to find their own way home, after brutally beating them up, leaving cuts and Jourden 2 bruises. Hell week, day three: Each member of the pledge was awakened at 2 a.m.

and told to make their "big sister" a sandwich. They were then instructed to wash each sorority member's car. Hell week, day four: The...