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Why do we go to college?

towards a job or other future prospects. For most technological and industrial advanced societies, going to college has become an integrated part of the learning process. But the fact that it is not ... akes it questionable if it is necessary and brings up the question of what function does school and going on to college, in particular, really serve for society as a whole. To resolve this dilemma, it ...

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Hardships and effects of being a single mom and going to college.

Cause and EffectBeing a single mom and going to college at the same time, can be very draining for any woman. Taking care of a child financ ... me college to this picture, there are many effects that can make this a negative, but brave, choice.Going to school, puts a lot of stress on this poor mother. She will have very little time for anythi ... ressed out yet? Well you will be when you hear the next part.Another negative effect of this mother going to college will be that she will have limited amounts of money. She will either need to get a ...

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Why you shouldnt go to college.

y to secular teaching and of the most obvious reasons not to go to college is financial. going to college depletes your parents financial resorces, as well as your own, even with a scholars ... is in my opinion somthing that slows down getting your life started, why not just get going, you could work really hard, learn as much as you can, and then start you own business, using ...

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College Cost

The cost of going to college has changed dramatically since many of our parents have gone. Many parents consider ... figure is apt to be low. Estimate between $600 and $1100 per year.Now I bet you think that you are going to be able to save a lot of money by commuting to college instead of paying for room and board ... include only meal plans, not snacks, socializing, or splurges.All of this probably seems like it is going to be impossible to afford. There are however many options to help you pay for college. The fi ...

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THe mistakes I made and the regrets I have to face. Do yourself a service and read this if you are a slacker like me.

I am writting this essay as a senior in high schhool sharing the ambitions as most, going to college then having my perfect job in my choosen career. Although instead of applying for c ... my classes when i showed. Some of the classes I would listen to and completley understand what was going on, I just didn't do my work to show it. At the end of the first and second quarter teachers s ...

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Personal Response on weather children should be done with school after the 8th grade or have to continue till the 12th grade.

young age they still need to be in some form of educational setting, not graduating from school and going to college. I believe that this is the time they get their skills to go on into the future, to ... ldren. People of this young age think that they are untouchable, and it is all just a faze they are going through. Most people get over it by the time they are eighteen, but not giving them that chanc ...

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The Value of a College Education

2000, I took a year off before attending college out of state. At that time, I was only planning on going to college because that was "the right thing to do," at least according to my parents. I agree ... hat I look back on my childhood, it was also the only thing they really asked of us. I know that my going back to school and taking this program means more to my parents than anything. Not only does t ...

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Personal Opinions On Future Education

Different people have different opinions and reasons on why education and going to college are important to them. Some people simply go to school because they were told to an ... while later that I stopped panicking, and think in a clearer and more cohegent manner.My opinion of going to college is that it should be an interest to keep students engaged in the lectures. Despite ...

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Loneliness in a Crowd

checked out my watch. It was 11 and for a long time I did not sleep so long. During the week I was going to college and in weekends I was working at a restaurant. A few days ago I quit my job because ... not care my coming and went on their conversation.I had been already stiffed with my father before going to school but I had no problem with my mother and elder brother and little sister. It was quit ...

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Age, Gender and Race: Three Major factors of life.

t us in today’s society. Being an eighteen year old, white, female has its ups and downs. I am going to break it down for you and tell you how my age, gender, and race/ethnicity have affected my ... ;t true. I graduated high school. I go to college. I am expected to go to college. If I wasn’t going to college I think that I would have a lot more crap coming my way. Many people try to judge m ...

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So Whats It Gonna Be?

Dear Family, what's it gonna be?Current mood: Don't make me run away.Dear Family:I'm never going to meet your expectations.Nothing I do will ever be good enough for you.Everything I say will ... elieve me.It's all just words.You are blinded by your misery.You can't see that I have a good thing going.I have my head on straight.I have a good guy.I am going to college.Nothing will throw me off c ...

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My Career A Veterinarian

a veterinarian you have to have four years of college and four years of veterinary medicine. After going to college you have to take a National Veterinary Medical Board Exam. Even if you become a vet ...

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College Stress

cademic, financial, and personal.Academic stress is common for college students. For many students, going to college is more than just attending classes and taking notes. They usually have a hard time ... eir goals. They usually encounter pressure from their parents or relatives when asked when they are going to complete school. They are not sure if their achievements will meet their parent's expectati ...

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Going to College as a Freshmen

Going to College as a Freshmen When selecting a college that is right for you, there are man ... be severely mind boggling and frustrating, though at the same time can be an enjoyable experience. Going to college and making the right decisions are often extremely difficult for freshmen. Many stu ... . The years to follow are generally focused on the specific degree paths. For instance, if one were going to school to get a coaching degree, they would take classes such as kinesology, food nutrition ...

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An Attack On Higher Education

B's, blame the professors -- we regularly come in contact with students who: 1. Never thought about going to college when they were in high school and find they do not have the skills to do well in th ...

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Minimum Wages

ople willing to work. For example , a poor kid whose education in an inner-city public school makes going to college unlikely, and whose best hope for gaining skills is job experience, is less likely ...

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Minumum Wages

ople willing to work. For example , a poor kid whose education in an inner-city public school makes going to college unlikely, and whose best hope for gaining skills is job experience, is less likely ...

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etting good grades in school, having a successful football career in Ambridge and possibly college, going to college, and eventually getting a good job, wife, and children. On the other hand, a few sh ...

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11/5/2002                  COMMUNICATIONS I         20 .Why a college education is

0 .Why a college education is worth the time and money. The advantage of going to college. People with a college education are looked upon in society as the elites ...

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Hazing’s Secret Face Unmasked:

Carol had prepared herself for this moment all her life. Ever since junior high school, she knew going to college would be the experience that would forever change her. Carol was valedictorian of h ... ere are hundreds of cases, some extreme and some not so extreme, that prove that the problem is not going to dissolve with time. There are a number of stories where students are beaten and abused, bot ...

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