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Different people have different opinions and reasons on why education and going to college are important to them. Some people simply go to school because they were told to and expected to - as a duty. However, others think of education as the key to future success, and I am one of the believers.

As a matter of fact, I certainly did not view education and college as very important elements in my childhood. As strict and ambitious my parents were, I was still a young and carefree child until I approached high school. Heavy workload, lectures and public examinations then suddenly started to pile up on me all at once. That was when teachers, family members and friends seem to start having serious and pressurizing talks with me about college. The pressure and stress were extremely hard to handle. However, the dramatic change of attitude from the adults towards my future education did force me to start planning for my future, and more specifically, college.

There was a period of time where my mind was in total confusion. I questioned myself about the career I will be suitable for, what specific subject I have to obtain a degree in for that certain career, etc. It was not until a while later that I stopped panicking, and think in a clearer and more cohegent manner.

My opinion of going to college is that it should be an interest to keep students engaged in the lectures. Despite the fact that it will always be on the back of a student's mind, that it is his or her duty to achieve good results, due to the financial aid and high expectations from family members, good education is mainly beneficial to the student himself or herself.

Education is the tool which provides...