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My CareerA VeterinarianIntroduction:Do you have the career you´ve always wanted? Well, I am determined to get the career I´m about to tell you about. The career I want to have and determined to have is veterinarian. I want to be a veterinarian because of many reasons. Well, if you want to find out why I want to be a vet you´ll need to keep reading on to find out.

Job Description:Being a vet is an important job. It´s an important job because you save animals lives everyday. Saving animals is really important because people care so much about their animals and it´s up to you to you to save them. Vets save lives everyday because they cure injuries, help treat diseases, examine for life threatening diseases, take x-rays to help animals, help with miscarriages and with labor with animals, and last prescribe medications. That is all the ways veterinarians help save lives everyday.

Job Description:Veterinarians have lots of responsibilities when they´re working. They have to do surgery, take x-rays, prescribe medications, be ready to respond to animal emergencies. They play a very important role in the community because of all they do. Veterinarians are kind of like doctors except doctors take care of people and veterinarians take care of animals. Veterinarians have to be ready as soon as some one calls to care for an animal. They have to care for an animal no matter what. If it´s a pound dog, homeless dog, or a dog the animal control just caught. They are paid to do their job and they do their job to get paid. That is why veterinarians have lots of responsibilities and play an important role in the community.

Education Requirements: To be a veterinarian you have to have four years of college and four years of...