Personal Response on weather children should be done with school after the 8th grade or have to continue till the 12th grade.

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I do not believe that in a society such as the one we live in sixteen year olds should decide the fate of the rest of their lives. Believing however, that at this young age they still need to be in some form of educational setting, not graduating from school and going to college. I believe that this is the time they get their skills to go on into the future, to make things of themselves and to enjoy their last years as dependent children. People of this young age think that they are untouchable, and it is all just a faze they are going through. Most people get over it by the time they are eighteen, but not giving them that chance before we let them go out on their own, I feel would be a great disservice to our children.

Thinking back to when I was sixteen all I could think about was when I would get out of school, not what college I was going to attend.

I believe if we are to let children out of school at sixteen they will truly believe they are inferior. They will have no reason to continue with their education, because they will have grown up responsibilities. Paying bills and things of that nature will be much more important then school, because they would then have to worry about having a place to live. Kids will get married even younger then they do now, thinking they are adults and they know what love is. As everyone knows not many people that date at sixteen are still together when they are fifty, or even when they are twenty for that matter; me knowing because I am one of those statistics.

I believe if you lead a bunch of sixteen year old...