Health Care Museum

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Health Care Museum

Health Care Delivery in the U.S. - HCS235



Health Care Museum

The Health Care Museum exhibit is to acknowledgment the five most significant developments in the evolution of healthcare in the United States. Over the years we've seen a rapid growth in the Health Care industry that's both good and bad. After my research there are several areas I would like to portray for my exhibit debut. The five most significant developments are The Insured, the Underinsured, & the Uninsured, Medications, Prevention, Technology and Health Care Delivery.

Exhibit A: The Insured, the Underinsured, & the Uninsured

Insurance plays a huge part of healthcare development over the years. We have laws in place to help patients who are insured, underinsured and uninsured to received treatments. There a lot of people who struggle to keep up with the increasing costs of health care insurance, but there are plan that's affordable to cover their medical expenses.

The impact insurance has in United States is really big because "the number of people without health care has increased". The establishing future in Health Care insurance remains uncertain because many people today still don't have health insurance. I do believe that the health care reform will help in that case, but it may take some time to see the results.

Exhibit B: Medications

Medications play a very big important role into the development of the Health Care Industry. With the advancement of medication we have seen a momentous decrease in the number of people that were hospitalized or caused death because they did not acquired the proper medication. Science is the main reason why we are so ahead in medicine, "advances in medical science" help protect most...