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Joneice Welborn

April 10, 2013

Social Science, Section J

Obama Health Care Plan

"Seven out of ten Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless"(Pras Michael).This quote shined on the fact that the working class are on the borderline of having it all to nothing and no one. None us can imagine ourselves without the necessities we take for granted every day, such as, the option of cold or hot water for shower,bacon or ham for breakfast, the red or gray sweater for work or school,and the choice to sleep on the living room couch or the bed. Shelter,food,clothes,education, and family are all the things that every person deserves. These are all basic needs that many people in the United States today don't have;how tragic to imagine. Far too many people in this country have no homes. They own only the clothes that they wear. They don't know where their next meal will come from and they don't have family or friends to turn to.

Barack Obama the president of the United States has a plan.'

The people described above are America's homeless.These unfortunate individuals often we see living on the streets in the downtown areas of our cities.On my way to school everyday I see dozens of people asking for help. I often wonder how did they get here.I have found that the majority of these people have been thrust into homelessness by a life altering event or series of events that were unexpected and unplanned for.There are many circumstances that can cause a person to become homeless.Fact is a tragic life occurrence like political factors, living above your means, alcohol -drug abuse,divorce and family disputes,and natural disasters all cause homelessness.Other destructions such

as depression, untreated mental illness, post traumatic stress...