I heard a fly buzz - Emily Dickinson (Commentary)

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Fly buzz CommentaryEmily Dickinson's 'I heard a fly buzz when I died' portrays to us the final few moments of an important event in life itself i.e. what actually transpires just before death overcomes us. Here it shows us the fly at a crucial and important event in life, death. The poem talks about the last thoughts, experience and movements at the last moment of a dying person. The insignificant fly causes the reader to be at discomfort, although the fly is the main focus in the poem as it is what the speaker experiences till the moment of death. The event is immediately juxtaposed against the fly - creating a prominent contrast between the two. Even with the fly's importance in this particular poem, there is still much to say, an irrelevant topic to be talking about at such an occasion creating the unique perspective in this poem.

In the first stanza it has already set the scene of the insignificant fly in a crucial event. 'I heard a fly buzz when I died'. As it is described, the room was still and so forth dull and quiet waiting for death to come. Death is a very scary and sad moment in life, especially for the relatives and close friends that are still alive to remember the significant person. However, the fly buzzes annoyingly in the still room. Not only is it a contrast between unimportant and important, but it is also a contrast between life and death.

'The eyes beside had wrung them dry' indicates the people surrounding the dying person have been shedding tears. The breaths of the witnesses are heavy and 'sure' - which means they are full of emotions and feelings; expecting death to come about eventually. They are waiting...