The Heart Of Darkness

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the heart of darkness title not only refers to marlows travel also known as the hear of darkness in search of the ivory trader who is living with natives but it symbolizes marlows travel through his own mind and heart. through out this novell marlow is in search of kurtz who will hopefully teach marlow how to become a great ivory trader. while he travels, he goes through an inner journey with him self this inner journey with himself has to do with his great predudizm for people of a different class or race. marlow has no respect for the lives of the africans. one african is dying at marlows feet when attacked by the natives but all marlow can think of as the man looks into marlows face is about changing his socks and shoes. the blood on his socks and shoes of the african make marlow sick(118). this proves marlow to be a heartless toward other people, yet his journey through his own heart of darkness continues as he finds kurtz. kurtz is a man who has turned his back on his own roots and essintually become a native. marlow see kurtz as an idol and respects him a great deal in the end.this prove marlow has not only ended his journey through the darkness of the congo, but has has ended his journey through himself. by respecting kurtz he has come to respect the natives and africans as people. which concludes his journey through his heart and mind