In the Heat of the Night by John Ball - Setting Notes

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The setting of the book "In the Heat of the Night" takes place in Wells, Carolina, where there are about 11,000 people. The time period is around the 1960s. The time on page one was ten minutes to three in the month of August because it was summer time and it was extremely hot and is very isolated in Wells. The story clearly takes place in the past because of the way black people are treated by the police. The place Shantyville is the poor side of town which is the Negro district. (pg.2) Mr. Mantoli was killed at the corner of Piney and the highway. (pg.8) The setting of the railroad station is silent, small, it dated back 50 years ago and is lighted by a few dusty bulbs on page 13. The setting of the Endicott's place is not as hot, has a great view, and it is a beautiful house with a great location.

(pg.37) The Purdy residence is on Third Street at the corner of Polk. (pg.4) Their house is old and filthy. The waiting room of the railroad station is deserted, has no smell, and is clear except dirt and bits of paper. (pg.13) The all night drive-in is hotter inside than outside, has a u-shaped counter, and hard plywood booths. (pg.4) Reverend's parlor had old furniture, cheap rugs, disillusioned window and is very clean. (pg.81) Other settings in the book are the police station, Jess the mechanic's house, the Mantoli Bowl (where Enrico Mantoli was killed), and Bill Gillespie's house.

The society and customs in the city of Wells is that they disrespected blacks and prejudice was common and welcomed. Bigotry and discrimination was praised and racism was a policy. The moods of the story are evil and caution because anyone could...